2009 - Creative Texas 2.0

Topics discussed during this proceeding included The Art of Learning, The Art of Discovery, The Art of the Arts, and the Art of Expression.

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Philosophical Society of Texas by -
Welcome and Introduction by Michael L. Gillette
University of Texas Welcome by William C. Powers, Jr.
The Art of Learning by Ramona Trevino, Susan Landry, Michael Feinberg, Nancy Weisskopf
The Art of Discovery by Mary Ann Rankin, Steven Weinberg, Francisco Cigarroa, Jennifer West, David Daniel, Karl Gebhardt
The Art of the Arts by Adair Margo, Peter Marzio, Gigi Antoni, Henry Munoz
The Art of Expression by Evan Smith, Lawrence Wright, Naomi Shihab Nye, Richard Linklater
Roundtable by Betty Sue Flowers, Moderator
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