The Philosophical Society of Texas

Three hundred twenty-four members, spouses, and guests of the Philosophical Society of Texas gathered at the Westin Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio, December 1–3, 2000, for the Society’s 163rd anniversary meeting. President A. Baker Duncan organized an exciting meeting on “Population,” with J. Dudley Fishburn serving as moderator for the program.

On Friday evening, members and guests enjoyed a reception at the home of Charles Butt and dinner at the San Antonio Country Club. The new members of the Society were announced by President Duncan and were presented their certificates of membership. The new members are: Randolph B. Campbell, D. Jack Davis, Sheldon Ekland-Olson, Larry R. Faulkner Jr., W. Royal Furgeson Jr., Lyndon L. Olson Jr., Roger James George Jr., William H. Goetzmann, Frances Ann Hamilton, Domingo Alter Holand, Sally Searcy Kleberg, Richard W. Lariviere, Al Lowman, Jane Macon, M. Colleen McHugh, A. W. “Dub” Riter Jr., Jake B. Schrum, Broadus A. Spivey, Diane Stanley, F. L. “Steve” Stephens, and Barney T. Young.

Gregg Cantrell, a professor of history at the University of North Texas, was awarded the first Philosophical Society of Texas Book Award for Stephen F. Austin, Empresario of Texas. The award was for the best book on Texas, fiction or non-fiction, published in 1999.

Noted author, educator, and historian Jacques Barzun was recognized as an honored guest of the Society during the Saturday luncheon. The Saturday activities concluded with a reception at the home of Mrs. Marshall Steves and dinner at the McNay Art Museum. Valeri Grokhovski provided a special musical presentation for the evening.

At the annual business meeting, Vice President Ellen Temple read the names of the members of the Society who had died during the previous year: Gerry Doyle, Joe Fisher, Walter G. Hall, Jake Hershey, Joseph M. Hill, Jack Maguire, Dan Moody Jr., Gloria Hill Pape, Marshall Steves, Virgil Topazio, and Charles Alan Wright.

Secretary Tyler announced that our membership stood at 198 active members, 75 associate members, and 27 emeritus members.

The following officers were elected for the coming year: Ellen Temple, president; George C. Wright, first vice-president; J. Sam Moore, second vice-president; J. Chrys Dougherty III, treasurer; and Ron Tyler, secretary.

On Sunday J. Dudley Fishburn again moderated a lively discussion with participation from members and guests. President Duncan declared the annual meeting adjourned, to be reconvened on November 30, 2001, in Austin.