The Membership of the Philosophical Society

Membership is by invitation only and is limited to two hundred persons of distinction whose life and character have furthered the purposes for which the Society was established.

Bylaws of the Philosophical Society of Texas

Nominations for membership are accepted through July 31, 2018 at 5:00 pm. All current members (active, associate, and emeritus) may nominate and second the nomination of prospective members. 

Nomination Form 2018
Letter from 2018 Membership Committee Chair

The nominator should complete a nominaiton form. Those seconding the nomination are not required to submit any forms or letter, but may do so. The material will be given to the Membership Committee.

Only persons who reside within, were born within, or at some time have resided within the geographical boundaries of the late Republic of Texas, are eligible for membership. Election occurs in the summer and is determined by a majority of the active members who have voted. All members may nominate and second persons for membership.

Members Only Section

The Society mourns those members who have died during this year. They are listed in the Member Updates section.

For the Year 2018–2019

Kay Bailey Hutchison, President - Dallas
David L. Callender, First Vice-President - Galveston
Daniel H. Branch, Second Vice-President – Dallas
Thomas R. Phillips
, Secretary – Austin
Harris L. Kempner Jr., Treasurer – Galveston
Judith K. Guthrie, Assistant Secretary - Tyler
Michael H. Granof, Assistant Treasurer - Austin


Kay Bailey Hutchison - Dallas
David L. Callender - Galveston
Daniel H. Branch - Dallas
Edward G. Steves - San Antonio
Kenneth W. Starr - Waco
Larry R. Faulkner - Houston and Austin
Kirk A. Calhoun – Tyler
Ron Tyler – Fort Worth
Jon H. Fleming – North Zulch
Frances B. Vick – Dallas
J. Mark McLaughlin – San Angelo