The Philosophical Society of Texas

“Texas Military History” was the topic of the 167th anniversary meeting of the Philosophical Society of Texas, held in the vibrant North Texas area on December 3–5, 2004. The headquarters was Fort Worth’s Doral Tesoro Hotel. The site for most of the meetings, however, was The University of North Texas in Denton. A total of 180 members, spouses, and guests attended. President Alfred F. Hurley organized the program.

The meeting began on Friday with three optional tours: one by helicopter to view the burgeoning Alliance Airport development; the others by University of North Texas buses either to view buildings in Denton designed by O’Neill Ford, or the structure and activities of the University of North Texas Environmental Science Building. A reception and dinner were held at the Doral Tesoro Hotel, featuring musicians from the University of North Texas’s exceptional School of Music.

President Hurley announced the twenty-two new members of the Society and presented them with their certificates of membership. The new members are Phil Adams, Edward Glenn Biggs, John Walter Crain, Maceo Dailey, Ramona Davis, Patricia Lynn Denton, David Dewhurst, Cheryl Fleming, Michael Gillette, Judith Guthrie, Ray Keck, Richard Lowe, Larry McNeill, Patrick Cunningham Oxford, George Shipley, Steven Escar Smith, Rose Spector, Carol Keeton Strayhorn, Claudia Stuart, Lonn Wood Taylor, Herman Lavon Totten, and Kathryn (Kay) Yeager.

Randolph B. Campbell was awarded the 2004 Philosophical Society of Texas Award of Merit for a book on Texas, either fiction or nonfiction, published in 2003. Campbell’s book, Gone to Texas: A History of the Lone Star State, was published by Oxford University Press.

The annual business meeting was held on Sunday afternoon. The names of Society members who had died during the previous year were read: Rex Gavin Baker, Jr., Albert V. Casey, Gilbert Denman, James Hargrove, Amy Freeman Lee, John L. Margrave, James M. Moudy, William Seybold, and Jerome Supple.

Secretary Ron Tyler announced that Society membership stood at 200 active members, 80 associate members, and 43 emeritus members.

Officers elected for the coming year are as follows: Harris L. Kempner Jr., president; Roger Horchow, first vice-president; Isabel Brown Wilson, second vice-president; J. Chrys Dougherty III, treasurer; and Ron Tyler, secretary.

On Saturday evening a reception and dinner were held at the University of North Texas, followed by a President’s Reception in the hotel’s clubhouse.

After a business meeting for Society members and a lively discussion on the topic of Texas Military History on Sunday morning, President Hurley declared the meeting adjourned until December 2, 2005, in Galveston.