Introductory Remarks 
Alfred F. Hurley, Moderator

Defending a “Forgotten” Frontier: Spanish Texas, 1716–1821 
Donald E. Chipman

To the Last Drop of Our Blood: Defending King and Empire in San Antonio 
Jesus F. de la Teja

Calculated Victory: Sam Houston’s Campaign to Rescue the Texas Revolution
James E. Crisp

Turning Points in the San Jacinto Campaign: The Mexican Army Perspective 
Gregg J. Dimmick

Who Fought for the Confederacy?: Harrison County as a Test Case
Randolph “Mike” Campbell

Who Fought for the Confederacy?: The Soldiers of Walker’s Texas Division 
Richard G. Lowe

Admiral Chester Nimitz: From Fredericksburg to Tokyo Bay 
Admiral Bob Inman

General Walton Walker: The Eighth Army’s Fight for Pusan 
Adrian R. Lewis

The Impact of Aviation on Texas: The Military and NASA Example 
Hans M. Mark


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