Welcome and Introduction

I'll be introducing the moderator, Dr. Ron Carson.  He is, somewhat to my great pride, the Harris Kempner Distinguished Professor for the Medical Humanities.  Those of you who knew Dad knew that this is the kind of professorship he would have most been delighted to have had.  And we in the family have been delighted with the way Ron has performed for 20 years, or 21 years as such.

Some brief announcements: David La Vere will do a book signing during the break this morning at Levin Hall here, and there will be books on sale about Galvestoniana and Texas history also at the breaks.

Medical Humanities is not a specific course on this campus.  It is part and parcel of everything that we do here.  Some of us looking on from the outside make damn sure it is because it has to do with making sure that those who go through medical school training also have some sense of people as human beings rather than as diseases or as their specialty.

Ron and the Institute have done an enormous amount of work in medical ethics and other things.  He's an ideal person to run a program which will cover the gamut from policy to patients.  So without further ado I will turn this over to Ron Carson.