Philosophical Society of Texas

“Medicine and Medical Policy in the 21st Century” was the topic of the 169th anniversary meeting of the Philosophical Society of Texas, held in historic Galveston on December 2-4, 2005. Headquartered at the Hotel Galvez, most of the meetings and presentations occurred at The University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston. President, Harris L. Kempner Jr. organized the exceptional program. A total of two hundred sixty-seven members, spouses, and guests attended. The meeting began on Friday with a reception and dinner held at the Hotel Galvez. President Kempner announced the thirteen new members of the Society and presented them with their certificates of membership. The new members are John W. Barnhill Jr., Jack Blanton Jr., Paul Burka, Blandina Cardenas, Lee Cullum, Pat Frost, James R. Huffines, F. Scott McCown, Helen Carol Nicklaus, Caren Harvey Prothro, Andrew Sansom, Ann Stuart, and E. Lee Walker.

On Friday evening, David La Vere was awarded the 2005 Philosophical Society of Texas Award of Merit for a book on Texas, either fiction or nonfiction, published in 2003. La Vere’s book, The Texas Indians, was published by Texas A&M University Press. LaVere signed books on Saturday at Levin Hall.

The topic of Medicine and Medical Policy in the Twenty-first Century was discussed at Levin Hall on the campus of the University of Texas Medical Branch during the day on Saturday. That evening a reception and dinner were held at the Tremont House, followed by an optional visit to the annual Dickens on the Strand in Galveston’s Strand Historic District.

The annual business meeting was held on Sunday morning. The names of Society members who had died during the previous year were read: John L. Margrave, George C. McGhee, D.J. Sibley, Charles C. Sprague, Robert S. Trotti, Frank E. Vandiver, and Stuart Wolf.

Secretary Ron Tyler announced that with the thirteen new members, Society membership stood at 190 active members, 73 associate members, and 57 emeritus members, for a total membership of 340.

Officers elected for the coming year were: Roger Horchow, president; Isabel Brown Wilson, first vice-president; Boone Powell, second vice-president; J. Chrys Dougherty III, treasurer; and Ron Tyler, secretary.

After the business meeting, a lively discussion ensued on the topic of Texas Medicine and Medical Policy in the Twenty-first Century. At its conclusion President Kempner declared the meeting adjourned until December 1, 2006, in Dallas.