Philosophical Society of Texas


The 169th anniversary meeting of the Philosophical Society was dedicated to the topic of immigration. President S. Roger Horchow put together “Texas Tomorrow: The Impact of Immigration” to discuss the political, economic, and social implications of the immigration policy reform debates that are currently rocking the United States. The meeting was held in Dallas, Texas at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel. An astounding total of 366 members, spouses, and guests were in attendance.

            The meeting began on Friday December 1, 2006 with optional tours of the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Dallas Museum of Art. The evening ended with a reception and dinner at the Fairmont Hotel. President Horchow announced the 39 new members and presented them with their certificates of membership. The new members are: Charles Lynde Babcock, Houston, Richard C. Bartlett, Carrollton, James Bass, Dallas, Richard D. Bass, Dallas, J. Penny Beaumont, Bryan, Fred Burns, Galveston, W. Amon Burton, Jr., Austin, Robert S. Capper, Fort Worth, Paul H. Carlson, Ransom Canyon, Donald Coers, San Angelo, James Crisp, Raleigh, NC, R. Ted Cruz, Austin, Elizabeth Yeager Edwards, Wichita Falls, James B. Francis, Jr., Dallas, L. Frederick (Rick) Francis, El Paso, Julius Glickman, Houston, George Jay Gogue, Houston, Michael H. Granof, Austin, William C. Gruben, Dallas, James C. Ho, Dallas, Clay Johnson, III, Washington, DC, Neal Lane, Houston, Garland Lasater, Jr., Fort Worth, Elizabeth Maxwell (Liza) Lee, Dallas, Vidal Martinez, Houston, Roy M. Mersky, Austin, Erle Allen Nye, Dallas, Thomas O’Toole, Dallas, Raymund A. Paredes, Austin, Patricia M. Patterson, Dallas, Fred Pfeiffer, San Antonio, Jeanne Johnson Phillips, Dallas, Joyce Gibson Roach, Keller, Jesse W. Rogers, Wichita Falls, Kathryn Sheaffer Stream, Houston, Gail Thomas, Dallas, Jane Roberts Wood, Argyle, William Patrick Wynn, Austin, and Jay Thornton Young, Plano.

            The 2006 Award of Merit for the Best Book on Texas was given to Mavis P. Kelsey Sr. and Robin Brandt Hutchinon for Engraved Prints of Texas, 1554-1900. Texas A&M University Press, 2005. This award is given annually for the best book published on Texas, fiction or non-fiction.

            Politicians, academics, businessmen, and first generation immigrants contributed to the thought-provoking program, held in the International Ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel. Given the many facets of immigration, the program required the entire day, including presentations at lunch and dinner.

            The annual business meeting was held on Sunday morning. The names of Society members who had died during the previous year were read: Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Chester Ray Burns, James A. Elkins, Thos H. Law, Ben F. Love, and Fred Newton White, Jr. Secretary Ron Tyler announced Society membership stood at 201 active members (according to the recently amended Bylaws, the number of active members was increased to 201 due to a tie in the most recent election), 75 associate members, and 71 emeritus members, for a grand total of 347 members. Officers elected for the year 2007 are as follows: Isabel Brown Wilson, president; Boone Powell, first vice-president; Michael Gillette, second vice-president; J. Chrys Dougherty, III, treasurer; Ron Tyler, secretary. 

A lively roundtable discussion about the weekend’s topic followed the business meeting. President Horchow adjourned the meeting until December 7-9, 2007 in Houston, Texas.