Welcome and Introduction


Good evening!  I'd like to welcome all of you to Dallas and to our annual meeting of the Texas Philosophical Society. We have a wonderful turnout and hopefully a very interesting and timely program to present.  We have been able to prevail upon a group of very well informed and articulate speakers to enlighten and inform - which is after all, part of our organization’s mission.

Immigration is one of the "hot topics" of the day, and the better informed we are, the more likely we will be able to influence our leaders towards a sensible policy. I encourage you all to attend all the sessions tomorrow and will look forward to seeing you during this weekend.

I want to thank the staff of the Society for all their hard work in arranging the logistics of the weekend, and especially to thank in advance, Lee Cullum who will moderate the sessions and who helped put together the stellar group you will hear tomorrow.

So, have a good dinner and visit with your friends and we'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow bright and early.